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Operations at a glance

South Africa

Underground operations

Bambanani at a glance
Production3 780 kg 121 530 oz
Cash costR176 834/kgUS$611/oz
Operating profitR273 millionUS$31 million
Capital expenditureR52 millionUS$6 million
Mineral resources at year-end7.2 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end1.4 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)2 709 
Doornkop at a glance
Production1 311 kg 42 150 oz
Cash costR232 699/kgUS$804/oz
Operating profitR62 millionUS$7 million
Capital expenditureR395 millionUS$44 million
Mineral resources at year-end21.0 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end0.2 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)2 532 
Elandsrand at a glance
Production5 422 kg 174 321 oz
Cash costR191 097/kgUS$660/oz
Operating profitR366 millionUS$41 million
Capital expenditureR422 millionUS$47 million
Mineral resources at year-end11.6 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end7.5 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)5 283 
Evander at a glance
Production5 912 kg 190 075 oz
Cash costR165 377/kgUS$572/oz
Operating profitR516 millionUS$57 million
Capital expenditureR210 millionUS$24 million
Mineral resources at year-end46.4 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end13.8 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)4 391 
Joel at a glance
Production2 043 kg 65 684 oz
Cash costR183 925/kgUS$636/oz
Operating profitR137 millionUS$15 million
Capital expenditureR56 millionUS$6 million
Mineral resources at year-end4.3 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end0.6 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)1 543 
Masimong at a glance
Production4 971 kg 154 034 oz
Cash costR137 598/kgUS$476/oz
Operating profitR554 millionUS$62 million
Capital expenditureR130 millionUS$14 million
Mineral resources at year-end28.1 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end1.0 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)3 046 
Phakisa at a glance
Production691 kg 22 216oz
Cash costR160 712/kgUS$555/oz
Operating profitR64 millionUS$7 million
Capital expenditureR461 millionUS$51 million
Mineral resources at year-end23.4 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end5.3 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)1 844 
Target at a glance
Production2 713 kg 87 225 oz
Cash costR186 749/kgUS$645/oz
Operating profitR152 millionUS$16 million
Capital expenditureR342 millionUS$38 million
Mineral resources at year-end6.4 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end2.6 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)1 986 
Tshepong at a glance
Production7 178 kg 230 778 oz
Cash costR139 901/kgUS$483/oz
Operating profitR802 millionUS$89 million
Capital expenditureR249 millionUS$28 million
Mineral resources at year-end14.1 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end4.3 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)4 856 
Virginia at a glance
Production8 030 kg 258 170 oz
Cash costR184 538/kgUS$638/oz
Operating profitR545 millionUS$61 million
Capital expenditureR199 millionUS$22 million
Mineral resources at year-end732.0 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end1.3 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)7 186 

Surface operations

Kalgold at a glance
Production2 015 kg64 784 oz
Cash costR146 314/kg US$506/oz
Operating profitR220 million US$25 million
Capital expenditureR10 million US$1 million
Mineral resources at year-end3.9 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end0.7 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)468 
Phoenix at a glance
Production695 kg 22 345 oz
Cash costR154 426/kgUS$534/oz
Operating profitR68 millionUS$8 million
Capital expenditureR3 million 
Mineral resources at year-end1.2 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end1.1 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)613 
Other at a glance
Production856 kg27 519 oz
Cash costR157 287/kgUS$543/oz
Operating profitR80 millionUS$8 million
Capital expenditureR71 millionUS$8 million
Mineral resources at year-end8.2 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end6.2 Moz 

Papua New Guinea

Morobe Mining Joint Ventures (50% attributable)

Hidden Valley at a glance
Hidden Valley
Forecast annual full production – gold7 931 kg 255 000 oz
Forecast annual full production – silver124 414 kg4 Moz
Production beganJune 2009 
Full production byDecember 2009
Capital expenditureR1 782 millionUS$198 million
Mineral resources at year-end – gold5.4 Moz 
Ore reserves at year-end – gold2.8 Moz 
Total no of employees (including contractors)1 100 
Wafi/Golpu/Nambonga at a glance
Mineral resources as at year-end – gold5.1 Moz  
Ore reserves at year-end – gold0.7 Moz 
Harmony Annual Report 2009