Annual Report 2010 Annual Report 2010

Group income statements

For the years ended 30 June 2010
SA rand  US dollar
2009*2010Figures in millionNote20102009*

Continuing operations

11 49611 284Revenue 1 4891 277
(9 659)(10 484)Cost of sales5(1 383)(1 083)
(7 657)(8 358)Production costs (1 103)(850)
(1 253)(1 375)Amortisation and depreciation (181)(139)
(546)(331)Impairment of assets (43)(71)
(39)(205)Employment termination and restructuring costs (27)(4)
(164)(215)Other items (29)(19)
1 837800Gross profit 106194
(329)(382)Corporate, administration and other expenditure (50)(36)
(33)(81)Social investment expenditure (11)(4)
(259)(219)Exploration expenditure (29)(29)
947104Profit on sale of property, plant and equipment614114
(101)(58)Other expenses – net7(8)(3)
2 062164Operating profit822236
1256Profit from associates2171
1Profit on sale of investment in associate 
(112)Impairment of investment in associate21(14)
(24)Loss on sale of investment in subsidiary9(3)
(101)38Net gain/(loss) on financial instruments105(10)
443187Investment income112549
(212)(246)Finance cost12(32)(24)
2 093175Profit before taxation 24238
1 905(160)Net (loss)/profit from continuing operations (20)216

Discontinued operations

1 022(32)(Loss)/profit from discontinued operations14(4)95
2 927(192)Net (loss)/profit (24)311
  Attributable to:   
2 927(192)Owners of the parent (24)311
Non-controlling interest 
  (Loss)/earnings per ordinary share (cents):15  
460(38)(Loss)/earnings from continuing operations (5)52
247(8)(Loss)/earnings from discontinued operations (1)23
707(46)Total (loss)/earnings for the period (6)75
  Diluted (loss)/earnings per ordinary share (cents):15  
458(38)(Loss)/earnings from continuing operations (5)51
246(8)(Loss)/earnings from discontinued operations (1)23
704(46)Total diluted (loss)/earnings for the period (6)74
*The comparative periods have been re-presented for a change in discontinued operations. Refer to note 14.

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these consolidated financial statements.