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Land rehabilitation



In line with our values, we are accountable for the impact we have on the environment – land, water, air – and for the responsible use of the natural resources we consume. Our business activities and processes can negatively impact the natural environment and surrounding communities, and we have a responsibility to prevent, mitigate, manage and minimise any impacts.

Our environmental strategy is aimed at managing our impacts, related risks and environmental liabilities, at responsible stewardship, compliance with environmental legislation and regulations, and at instilling a culture that shares knowledge and experience within and outside the group.

FY16 highlights

In South Africa:
  • Harmony's comprehensive mine rehabilitation programme was accelerated. Another four areas were demolished and rehabilitated, bringing the total number of areas since the programme began in 2010 to 41. Allied to this, steady progress was made with the Matjhabeng land rejuvenation programme in the Free State including the start of an agricultural project
  • Diversification of our energy mix driven by procurement of solar and development of biomass energy
  • Solar parks being planned and implemented will generate 30MW on site
  • Novel rehabilitation strategy implemented at Kalgold involves transforming the D zone pit into a waste storage facility
  • Water treatment plant constructed at Kusasalethu to promote water conservation and achieve zero discharge now fully operational. Work has begun on a water treatment plant at Doornkop
  • Good progress made to conserve habitat of the lesser flamingo in Welkom
In Papua New Guinea:
  • Close-out information for environment improvement plan at Hidden Valley was presented to the Conservation Environment Protection Authority for adjudication
  • Level 2A environmental licence received for Kili Teke
At group level:
  • Total electricity savings of 69 937MWh and on track to achieve five-year target in FY18
  • Carbon Disclosure Project: on the global A lists for both climate change and water
  • Material issues

    • Protecting our licence to operate
    • Managing our impact

    For further information, please see our Integrated annual report 2016 and our environmental policy.

Investor brief

Harmony Investor brief, May 2016
Harmony Investor brief -
May/July 2016

(PDF - 1.7MB)

Annual report

Integrated annual report 2016
Integrated annual report 2016


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