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Target Mine



Harmony values the health and well-being of all its employees and the communities affected by its activities. The company is therefore committed to preventing all illnesses – not only occupational illnesses but other lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and HIV – through continued medical surveillance, active case finding, early detection and treatment as part of an integrated managed healthcare system.


  • In South Africa, the "At work" management programme continues to yield good results, with than 7 447 individual medical cases reviewed by a team of healthcare professionals in FY16
  • Approximately 6 742 employees participated in medical schemes in FY16 with Harmony subsidising these costs by an amount of R12 million per month
  • Medical surveillance is ongoing at our dedicated occupational health hubs where 41 563 medical examinations were conducted during FY16
  • In FY16, a total of 29 077 employees were screened for TB
  • The number of early noise-induced hearing loss cases decreased by 42% in FY16

Material issues

  • Keeping our people safe and healthy
  • Protecting our licence to operate is a business imperative