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At Harmony, the safety and health of our employees and contractors is a moral imperative and essential to creating a sustainable business. Without a safe and healthy workforce, we cannot be productive and profitable.

Safety is our number one value. We aim to eliminate and prevent all fatalities and work-related injuries and illnesses by promoting a culture that values safety and health. Both our occupational safety and health policy and management framework are aligned with the Mine Health and Safety Act in South Africa and mine safety and health legislation in Papua New Guinea. Representatives from all levels of management, union and government are encouraged to participate actively in our safety and health framework. The relevant strategy is guided by our safety and health policy.


  • In FY16 the South African operations' lost-time injury rate improved by 32% year-on-year
  • In FY16 the South African operations' reportable injury frequency rate improved by 21% respectively year-on-year

Material issues

  • Keeping our people safe and healthy
  • Protecting our licence to operate

Links to risk [graph]

For further information, please see our Integrated annual report 2016.

Investor brief

Harmony Investor brief, May 2016
Harmony Investor brief -
May/July 2016

(PDF - 1.7MB)

Annual report

Integrated annual report 2016
Integrated annual report 2016


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