SA rand
Figures in million20102009


Investment in financial assets

 Available-for-sale financial assets  
 Balance at beginning of year82
 Fair value movement of available-for-sale investments4
 Balance at end of year48
 The carrying amount consists of the following:  
 Investment in listed and unlisted shares48
 These investments have been valued by the directors by performing independent valuations on an annual basis to ensure that no significant prolonged decline in the value of the investments has occurred. During the 2010 financial year the group disposed of certain listed investments for a net loss of R2 million. Refer to note 4. Fair value gains recognised in other comprehensive income for the year totalled R10 million with R6 million being reclassified to the income statement on the disposal of the listed investments. During the 2010 financial year, the group did not receive any income from these investments (2009: Nil).