SA rand
Figures in  million20102009


Trade and other payables

 Financial liabilities  
 Trade payables12064
 Other liabilities2810
 Non-financial liabilities  
 Payroll accruals203174
 Leave liabilities (a)7781
 Shaft related accruals3331
 Other accruals6276
 Value added tax3111
 Total trade and other payables554447
 (a) Leave liability  
  Employee entitlements to annual leave are recognised on an ongoing basis. An accrual is made for the estimated liability for annual leave as a result of services rendered by employees up to the balance sheet date. The movement in the liability recognised in the balance sheet is as follows:  
  Balance at beginning of year8168
  Benefits paid(84)(76)
  Total expense per income statement8089
  Balance at end of year7781