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Figures in million20102009


Net gain on financial instruments

 Fair value through profit or loss  
 Fair value gain on environmental trust funds4
 Available-for-sale instruments  
 Impairment recognised in profit or loss (a)(1)
 Loss on sale of investments (b)(2)
 Realised portion of fair value movement (b)6
 Total net gain on financial instruments7
 (a)The impairment in the 2010 financial year relates to various small investments, which were considered to be permanently impaired.  
 (b)The company disposed of a number of listed investments it held through New Africa Mining Fund during the 2010 financial year for a total consideration of R8.5 million. Total fair value movement gains of R6 million relating to these investment were reclassified from other reserves to the income statement. Refer to note 12 and 19 in this regard.