SA rand  US dollar
20092010Figures in million20102009


Finance costs

   Financial liabilities  
171 Bank and short-term facilities2
135 Convertible unsecured fixed rate bonds15
20883 Nedbank Limited1123
52 Westpac Bank
36586 Total finance costs from financial liabilities1140
   Non-financial liabilities  
1515 Post-retirement benefits22
   Time value of money and inflation  
98135 component of rehabilitation costs1711
1612 South African Revenue Services (SARS)22
129162 Total finance costs from non-financial liabilities2115
494248 Total finance cost before interest capitalised3255
(282)(2) Interest capitalised(31)
212246 Total finance costs3224
   The capitalisation rate used to determine the amount of borrowing costs eligible for capitalisation during the year is 10.6% (2009: 12.3%).