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Restricted investments

1 5971 702 Investments held by Environmental Trust Funds (a)223207
4340 Investments held by Social Trust Fund (b)55
1 6401 742 Total restricted investments228212
    (a)Environmental Trust Funds consist of:  
1 597370   – Held-to-maturity financial assets48207
1 332   – Fair value through profit or loss financial assets175
1 5971 702 Total Environmental Trust Funds223207
   The environmental trust funds are irrevocable trusts under the group's control. Contributions to the trusts are invested in interest-bearing short-term investments or medium-term equity-linked notes issued by commercial banks that provide guaranteed interest and additional interest or growth linked to the growth of the Shareholder Weighted Top 40 index (SWIX 40) of the JSE. The equity-linked notes are designated fair value through profit or loss investments and recorded at fair value whilst the interest-bearing short-term investments are classified as held-to-maturity and recorded at amortised cost. These investments provide for the estimated cost of rehabilitation at the end of the life of the group's mines. Income earned on the investments is retained in the funds and reinvested.  
    Reconciliation of the movement in the Environmental Trust Funds:  
1 6031 597  Balance at beginning of year207206
17869  Interest income921
31  Fair value movement4
(184)  Disposal of business(20)
5  Contributions made1
1 5971 702 Balance at end of year223207
    (b) The Social Trust Fund is an irrevocable trust under the group's control and is classified as a held-to-maturity investment. The group has undertaken to donate over a period of 10 years to The Harmony Gold Mining Group Social Plan Trust in terms of an agreement signed on 3 November 2003. An initial donation of R19 million (US$2.7 million) was made during the 2004 year. Thereafter instalments of R3.5 million (US$0.45 million) per annum was and will be made with the final instalment to be made in 2013. The purpose of the Trust is to fund the social plan to reduce the negative effects of restructuring on the group's workforce, to put measures in place to ensure that the technical and life skills of the group’s workforce are developed and to develop the group’s workforce in such a manner to avoid or minimise the effect of job losses and a decline in employment through turnaround or redeployment strategies.  
     Reconciliation of the movement in the Social Trust Fund:  
3643   Balance at beginning of year55
44   Contributions made*1
43   Interest accrued*
(1)(10)   Claims paid*(1)
4340   Balance at end of year55
      *Note that for the 2009 financial year when these amounts were translated into US dollars, the amounts were less than US$0.5 million and were rounded down, resulting in no movement being shown for the year.