SA rand   US dollar
20092010Figures in million20102009


Trade and other payables

   Financial liabilities:  
486417 Trade payables5463
6738 Other liabilities58
   Non-financial liablities:  
298333 Payroll accruals4439
236260 Leave liabilities3431
156159 Shaft-related accruals2120
206175 Other accruals2327
1131 Value added tax41
1 4601 413  185189
(3) Disposal groups classified as held for sale
1 4601 410 Total trade and other payables185189
   Leave liability  
   Employee entitlements to annual leave are recognised on an ongoing basis. An accrual is made for the estimated liability for annual leave as a result of services rendered by employees up to the balance sheet date. The movement in the liability recognised in the balance sheet is as follows:  
232236 Balance at beginning of year3129
(252)(262) Benefits paid(35)(27)
(20) Movement due to sale of business(2)
(9)(2) Translation(1)
285289 Total expense per income statement3832
236261  3431
(1) Disposal groups classified as held for sale
236260 Balance at end of year3431