39   Reconciliation of segment information to consolidated income statements and balance sheet

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   The “reconciliation of segment data to consolidated financials” line item in the segment reports is broken down into the following elements, to give a better understanding of the differences between the income statement, balance sheet and the segment report.  
   Revenue from:  
 614Discontinued operations69
   Production costs from:  
 447Discontinued operations50
   Reconciliation of cash operating profit to consolidated profit before taxation and discontinued operations:  
 12 11011 284Total segment revenue1 4891 346
 (8 104)(8 358)Total segment production costs(1 103)(900)
 4 0062 926Cash operating profit386446
 (167)Less discontinued operations(19)
 3 8392 926 386427
 (2 002)(2 126)Cost of sales items other than production costs(280)(233)
 (1 176)(1 326)Amortisation and depreciation of mining properties, mine development cost and mine plant facilities(175)(130)
 (77)(49)Amortisation and depreciation of assets other than mining and mining related assets(6)(9)
 (5)(29)Rehabilitation expenditure(4)(1)
 (44)(57)Care and maintenance cost of restructured shafts(8)(5)
 (39)(205)Employment termination and restructuring costs(27)(4)
 (113)(148)Share-based payments(20)(13)
 (546)(331)Impairment of assets(43)(71)
 (2)19Provision for post retirement benefits3
 1 837800Gross profit106194
 (329)(382)Corporate, administration and other expenditure(50)(36)
 (33)(81)Social investment expenditure(11)(4)
 (259)(219)Exploration expenditure(29)(29)
 947104Profit on sale of property, plant and equipment14114
 (101)(58)Other expenses – net(8)(3)
 2 062164Operating profit22236
 1256Profit/(loss) from associates71
 1Profit on sale of investment in associate
 (112)Impairment of investment in associate(14)
 (24)Loss on sale of investment in subsidiary(3)
 (101)38Net gain/(loss) on financial instruments5(10)
 443187Investment income2549
 (212)(246)Finance cost(32)(24)
 2 093175Profit before taxation and discontinued operations24238
   Reconciliation of total segment assets to consolidated assets includes the following:  
   Non-current assets  
 5 7546 068Property, plant and equipment794744
 2 2242 210Intangible assets290288
 161146Restricted cash1921
 1 6401 742Restricted investments228212
 5712Investment in financial assets27
 329385Investment in associates5043
 1 7121 875Deferred tax asset246222
 7575Trade and other receivables1010
   Current assets  
 1 035987Inventories129134
 885932Trade and other receivables122115
 4574Income and mining taxes106
 1 950770Cash and cash equivalents101253
 Restricted cash
 19Assets of disposal groups classified as held for sale3
 15 86715 509Total assets2 0322 055