Annual Report 2010 Annual Report 2010

Operations at a glance

South Africa

Underground operations


Production(1)4 137kg133 007oz
Cash operating costR176 253/kgUS$723/oz
Operating profitR369 millionUS$49 million
Capital expenditureR207 millionUS$28 million
Mineral resources at year-end7.4Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end1.4Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)3 887 


Production(1)1 950kg62 694oz
Cash operating costR200 324/kgUS$822/oz
Operating profitR107 millionUS$14 million
Capital expenditureR342 millionUS$45 million
Mineral resources at year-end21.6Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end0.4Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)2 649 


Production3 475kg111 724oz
Cash operating costR248 190/kgUS$1 018/oz
Operating profitR51 millionUS$7 million
Capital expenditureR175 millionUS$23 million
Mineral resources at year-end35.1Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end12.8Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)3 331 


Production2 006kg64 495oz
Cash operating costR193 019/kgUS$792/oz
Operating profitR145 millionUS$19 million
Capital expenditureR88 millionUS$10 million
Mineral resources at year-end4.8Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end0.5Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)1 470 


Production5 444kg175 029 oz
Cash operating costR208 864/kgUS$857/oz
Operating profitR301 millionUS$40 million
Capital expenditureR430 millionUS$57 million
Mineral resources at year-end11.6Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end7.5Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)5 685 


Production4 840kg155 609oz
Cash operating costR146 674/kgUS$602/oz
Operating profitR575 millionUS$75 million
Capital expenditureR177 millionUS$23 million
Mineral resources at year-end19.2Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end1.2Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)3 205 


Production1 371 kg44 079oz
Cash operating costR232 190/kgUS$953/oz
Operating profitR49 millionUS$6 million
Capital expenditureR486 millionUS$64 million
Mineral resources at year-end23Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end5.2Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)3 034 


Production(2)3 539 kg113 781oz
Cash operating costR190 720/kgUS$783/oz
Operating profitR214 millionUS$28 million
Capital expenditureR382 millionUS$51 million
Mineral resources at year-end12.5Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end2.8Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)3 078 


Production6 749kg216 986oz
Cash operating costR164 938/kgUS$677/oz
Operating profitR676 millionUS$90 million
Capital expenditureR261 millionUS$35 million
Mineral resources at year-end12.4Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end3.9Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)5 097 


Production5 288kg170 013oz
Cash operating costR252 537/kgUS$1 036/oz
Operating profitR75 millionUS$10 million
Capital expenditureR180 millionUS$24 million
Mineral resources at year-end12.7Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end0.6Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)4 036 

Surface operations


Production1 526kg49 063oz
Cash operating costR182 215/kgUS$748/oz
Operating profitR116 millionUS$15 million
Capital expenditureR11 millionUS$1 million
Mineral resources at year-end3.7Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end0.8Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)480 


Production647kg20 801oz
Cash operating costR185 762/kgUS$762/oz
Operating profitR52 millionUS$7 million
Capital expenditureR5 millionUS$1 million
Mineral resources at year-end0.9Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end0.9Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)1 193 


Production1 558kg50 090oz
Cash operating costR140 965/kgUS$622/oz
Operating profitR183 millionUS$24 million
Capital expenditureR69 millionUS$9 million
Mineral resources at year-end8.1Moz 
Mineral reserves at year-end6.3Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)  

Papua New Guinea

Open pit operation


Hidden Valley (50% attributable)

Gold – Production(3)1 903kg61 173oz
Silver – Production(3)6 927kg222 717oz
Cash operating costR244 544/kgUS$1 003/oz
Operating profitR16 millionUS$2 million
Capital expenditureR541 millionUS$71 million
Gold – Mineral resources at year-end2.5Moz 
           Mineral reserves at year-end1.6Moz 
Silver – Mineral resources at year-end51.2Moz 
           Mineral reserves at year-end32.0Moz 
No of employees (including contractors)2 476 

Resources and reserves attributable (50%) to Harmony (Hamata, Wafi, Golpu and Nambonga)

Gold – Mineral resources at year-end8.3Moz 
Gold – Mineral reserves at year-end0.9Moz 

(1) Bambanani includes Steyn 2 which has not yet reached commercial levels of production. Consequently 33kg (1 061oz) of Bambanani’s production was capitalised.

(2) Target includes Target 3 which has not yet reached commercial levels of production. Consequently 117kg (3 762oz) of Target’s production was capitalised.

(3) Includes production for first 10 months while commercial production has not yet been reached. 1 438kg (46 234oz) of gold and 4 504kg (144 821oz) of silver were capitalised.