Sustainable Development Report 2010 Sustainable Development Report 2010

Scope of the report

Harmony’s Sustainable Development Report 2010 covers the financial year from 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010 (FY10). This report has been compiled in accordance with the G3 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and in accordance with King II. Harmony is in the process of implementing King III. The Sustainable Development Report is annual and the previous one was published for the 2009 (FY09) financial year.

Harmony is committed to the principle of integrated reporting and has, for the first time, incorporated an account of broader social, environmental and economic performance into the Annual Report 2010. Given the space limitations in the Annual Report, the requirements of GRI and the broad interests of stakeholders, Harmony has provided additional information in this report. In the interest of the environment, this report has not been printed and has instead, been made available as an HTML document online. Readers may choose to print sections of the report.

In addition, Harmony has also prepared an annual report on a Form 20-F, which has been filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in compliance with the listings regulations of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The joint aim of these reports is that together they provide an informative description of Harmony’s business, its operations and their impacts to all Harmony’s stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, employees, regulatory authorities and governments around the world.

Operational and financial information in this report covers the period FY10 with comparative annual data provided for information purposes. There were no significant restatements of data during the year.

The reports cover the operations and assets in South Africa that are managed by Harmony, and the Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) in PNG, in which Harmony has a 50% interest. It excludes the operations of Rand Uranium in which the company has a 40% interest on the basis that Harmony does not have management control.

There were no significant changes to the structure or ownership. A number of shafts and mines were closed during the period under review and this is reported in the Annual Report.

These reports, as well as additional detailed information on Harmony (including its regulatory filings, press releases, stock exchange announcements and quarterly reports) are available on the company’s website at

All use of $ or dollar refers to US dollars unless otherwise stated. In addition, all production volumes are reported in metric tonnes (t) unless specifically referred to as being imperial tons.