• A certified copy of your personal identity document
  • Certified proof of your results (if in grade 12, submit grade 11 December results and Grade 12 June results)
  • Full details of your academic transcript if already at a tertiary Institution
  • Your curriculum vitae/resume

The objective of the Harmony bursary scheme

The objective of the Harmony Gold Bursary Scheme is to recruit and select bursars preferably from communities surrounding our operations for full time study at accredited Tertiary Institutions. The Bursary Scheme accommodates students entering or already at Tertiary Institutions.

Bursary applications for 2020 are currently open: APPLY NOW

Please note that bursary applications for 2020 close on Saturday, 31 August 2019.

Contact us

Evelyn Moalosi
Bursary administration
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Tel: +11 057 910 6621