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Harmony is not associated with Vancouver-based company - Harmony Gold Corp

Johannesburg. Tuesday, 16 February 2010. Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (Harmony) announces that it is not associated or affiliated, in any way whatsoever, with Harmony Gold Corp, a Vancouver-based company currently drilling for gold in Alaska, as mentioned in a press release issued by Harmony Gold Corp recently.

Harmony Gold Corp is not a subsidiary of Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited and it does not share any business interests with Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited.

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited’s Chief Executive Officer, Graham Briggs said, "This matter is being investigated. We will take legal action against the company for making use of our company’s name without prior consultation. Harmony has an established brand and with the potential confusion that this could cause investors and analysts, we would have expected Harmony Gold Corp to have used another name."

For more details contact:

Esha Brijmohan
Investor Relations Officer
+27 (0)82 759 1775

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