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Note from Harmony regarding analyst breakfasts and briefings

Last year at the Investor Day we updated you on all of our operations, providing guidance for the next five years. Harmony intends to continue to provide guidance on a regular basis and remains committed to disclosing information in terms of our internal processes and listing regulations.

During the past couple of quarters, information shared at the analyst breakfasts was often repeated at the quarterly results announcements/presentations, which begged the question whether or not we truly added value in having four analyst breakfast meetings, in addition to the quarterly presentations (with resultant duplicate information) during the year. We believe that it would be more meaningful if analyst breakfasts are reduced to two meetings a year – focusing on strategic issues specifically. We will therefore host analyst briefing meetings towards the end of January (morning session) and in August (full day).

We will be releasing information on the performance of our company throughout the quarter (as and when significant events occur) and will also attempt to provide more guidance on a regular basis, within the permitted guidelines. We will continue scheduling individual sessions with you – thereby ensuring regular contact with Management. Rest assured, Harmony remains committed to transparent and regular disclosure. Our intention is to provide information, more effectively and efficiently.

For more details contact:

Esha Brijmohan
Investor Relations Officer
on +27(0)82 759 1775

Marian van der Walt
Executive: Corporate and Investor Relations
+27(0)82 888 1242

Annual report

Integrated annual report 2016
Integrated annual report 2017


Investor brief

Harmony Investor brief, Sep 2017
September 2017 -
Harmony Investor brief

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