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Harmony goes the extra mile to assist communities in Lesotho

Johannesburg. Tuesday, 15 June 2010. Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (Harmony) is pleased to announce that as part of its ongoing commitment to economic and sustainable development in Lesotho, one of its major labour-sending areas, the company handed over four completed projects to the Lesotho government and its communities on 4 June 2010. This historic event pays testimony to the long standing relationship between Harmony and the Lesotho government.

Harmony's CEO Graham Briggs said: "A vast majority of Harmony's employees are from Lesotho. These projects are part of Harmony's ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, and more so, an example of our company going the extra mile to give back to the communities and families of these employees."

The projects that were completed and officially handed over to the Lesotho government included the following:

  • Orange River Hoek Secondary School is situated deep in the mountains of Mokhotlong. Harmony assisted financially with the building of an administration block and classrooms, which has been completed. The community of Orange River Hoek had begun building the school themselves but could not complete the classrooms due to resource challenges.
  • Harmony assisted in installing a transformer at the Louis Gerald Health Centre, a clinic in the area of Likhakeng, which also provides electricity to surrounding villages. This state of the art healthcare facility that serves the villages around Likhakeng, did not have electricity supply for many years and could therefore not utilise medical equipment and machinery.
  • St Bernard Primary School in Khanyane Village was built by Harmony. The company was able to complete the building of the school in time for winter and the learners have been occupying their new classrooms since March this year. Harmony has also renovated the office of the community chief and connected electricity supply to the office.
  • Morija Skills Development Centre was erected by Harmony, on request from the Council of Churches in Lesotho, for the benefit of those affected and infected by HIV, particularly ex-mineworkers and their families. The centre was completed early this year and will be used as a training facility to equip beneficiaries of ex-mineworkers with various technical skills such as carpentry, bricklaying, brick manufacturing and beading. The aim of this centre is that people will be able to generate income from the various skills that will be taught at the centre and will therefore be able to sustain themselves and their families.
  • Access to water in the Mahobong community was a major challenge. Harmony funded the Mahobong Water Project which entailed re-plastering of the tanks and installing an electricity operated pump and the necessary pipe structure to provide running water to the community and the clinic in the area.

"We would like to see this relationship between our company and Lesotho growing beyond the projects that we handed over on 4 June 2010. We extend our thanks to the Lesotho government and the communities that our team visited for their ongoing hospitality and appreciation. We remain dedicated to continuing our work to uplift the communities in both Lesotho and South Africa," Briggs concludes.

For more details contact:

Esha Brijmohan
Investor Relations Officer
+27 (0)82 759 1775

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