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Harmony develops essential services in Papua New Guinea

These initiatives span life skills training programmes; micro-credit programmes; and agriculture, health and literacy programmes.

PNG has a population of just over 6 million people, with over 80% located in rural areas. Given the rugged terrain that characterises the island, access to essential services is challenging. Key among this are health and sanitation facilities – a fact reflected in PNG’s high infant mortality rate and the lack of access of two thirds of the population to adequate drinking water.

Accordingly, Harmony is focusing its attention on the infrastructural development of these areas. In recent months, two courses to train women in basic first aid and midwifery skills have been run, educating women in dealing with common health issues and birthing in rural areas.

In addition, some 56 women have been trained as village birth attendees to date, which should help to reduce infant and maternal mortality, especially in remote areas. These birth attendees will also be able to assist in areas where the health facilities are adequate but the supply of health workers is low.

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Harmony Investor brief, Sep 2017
September 2017 -
Harmony Investor brief

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