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Grant of matching restricted shares

In compliance with paragraphs 3.63 to 3.74 of the JSE Listings Requirements, the following information is disclosed:

In line with the provisions of the Harmony Share Plan, if the participant does not exercise his/her restricted shares within 30 days after the vesting, the restricted shares will automatically remain restricted for a further 3 years and will be matched with further restricted shares at a matching award ratio of one for one.

Name of director: GB Briggs (Chief Executive Officer)
Company: Harmony
Nature of transaction: Off market grant of matching restricted shares (matching the number granted in 2012)
Periods of vesting: Matching restricted shares vest three years from 27 October 2015.
Date of grant of matching award: 28 October 2015
Number of matching restricted shares allocated(matching the number allocated in 2012): 30,802
Nature and extent of director’s interest: Direct beneficial

Prior clearance is not applicable as the further restriction and matching was automatic and in terms of the Harmony Share Plan.

For more details contact:

Henrika Ninham
Investor Relations Manager
+27 (0) 82 759 1775 (mobile)

Johannesburg, South Africa
3 November 2015

J.P. Morgan Equities South Africa Proprietary Limited

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Investor brief

Harmony Investor brief, Sep 2017
September 2017 -
Harmony Investor brief

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