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Sustainable community projects provide a boost

Johannesburg, Wednesday, 16 November 2016: Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (Harmony) is pleased to announce the official transfer of seven projects to the community in and around its Doornkop mine on the West Rand, not far from Soweto. The projects, in which community members are already active and participating, were officially handed over today by Harmony’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Steenkamp, at a function attended by delegates from The Department of Mineral Resources, The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and members of the community.

The seven projects, which are now self-sustainable, involve a range of activities. They include the hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, the manufacturing of protective clothing, uniforms and curtains, bee-keeping, a multi-purpose sports facility as well as three digital hubs. These hubs provide IT support to small businesses, youth and community organisations.

These diverse, self-sustaining projects, produce goods and services required by the communities in which they function and can be sold to generate revenue to pay salaries to those employed by these projects. Together, these projects provide employment for close to 100 people.

Peter Steenkamp, chief executive officer of Harmony, said “This event today marks yet another stage in our strategy to ensure that our host communities are able to continue to thrive even after the mines have closed. These seven Doornkop projects, planned and developed in consultation with the community, benefit young and old, men and women, those with skills and those with developing skills.”

“These community projects are an example of the important role of partnerships and their successes and are indicative of Harmony’s commitment to participating and partnering in the sustainable development of the communities in and around our mining operations. This is in line with our stated aim of creating value to the benefit of all our stakeholders, including our communities and employees.”

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