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Career options


Career options at Harmony

There are a number of major career fields with which Harmony focuses its attention. Each one is an integral component in the safe and efficient production of gold ounces, which is our business. If you have expertise and experience in any of these fields – or have an interest in acquiring expertise and experience in any – please contact us.


The members of our finance department are responsible for all financial transactions undertaken on behalf of the company. The correct allocation, classification and value of these transactions are performed on a daily basis.


At Harmony, our geologists are integral members of the management team, and are accountable for the optimal extraction of ore. At an early stage in the mining process, our geologists will apply their knowledge to the practical solution of problems in the underground environment, liaising closely with production teams.

Human resources

Harmony’s human resources department has the crucial job of managing our ‘human gold’: our employees. The human resources team is responsible for attracting, selecting, training, assessing and rewarding our employees, and also works to ensure that the company is operating in compliance with all necessary employment and labour laws.

Mechanical and electrical engineering

A competent mechanical or electrical engineer is part of the management team at each operation. They are responsible for the safe installation and proper operation and maintenance of all machinery, both mechanical and electrical, as well as all buildings and structures at the operation.


Our metallurgists are trained and experienced in the physical and chemical behaviour of metals and their mixtures – in the case of Harmony, primarily gold. They are also experienced in the ways in which science is applied to the practical applications of gold.

Mining engineering

Our mining engineers are fully conversant in the practice, theory, science, technology and application of extracting and processing gold from the earth. They are involved in every stage of this important process and are familiar with the use of explosives.


At Harmony, we believe in growing our people and assets to deliver value to shareholders, consistently. Against all odds. No matter what.Read more


The objective of the Harmony Bursary Scheme is to recruit and select bursars for full time study at accredited Tertiary Institutions. Read more

Fact sheet

Harmony Careers fact sheet, June 2017
Harmony Careers fact sheet

June 2017 (PDF - 1.8MB)

HR contacts

South Africa:

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Tel: +27 11 411 2030

South East Asia:

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Tel: +61 7 3320 3700