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Doornkop Mine


Why Harmony?

Quite simply, Harmony would not exist without the work of its remarkable employees. We are all too aware of this and, as a result, place enormous importance on the individuals who help us to extract, process and market one of the world’s most precious metals: gold. In fact, we go so far as to say that people are our ‘human gold’. Each and every employee at Harmony plays a crucial part in the company’s success, and we value their every effort.

We pride ourselves in the calibre of people that we employ. Our employees are people who inspire others through their passion and commitment, their willingness to learn and adapt, and their belief that anything is possible. This attitude encourages them to conduct their tasks with care, precision and due respect for their fellow team members. Consequently, Harmony employees are focused on completing each job as safely and efficiently as possible. Effective communication amongst our employees, and between our employee and management structures, disseminates this approach throughout our global operations. The result is a working culture that is strong, productive and happy: a working culture of which we are proud.

Harmony is a global organisation

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At Harmony, we believe in growing our people and assets to deliver value to shareholders, consistently. Against all odds. No matter what.Read more


The objective of the Harmony Bursary Scheme is to recruit and select bursars for full time study at accredited Tertiary Institutions. Read more


Free State, South Africa:
Tel: +27 57 904 8398
Fax: +27 57 904 8384

Gauteng, South Africa:
Tel: +27 11 278 0074
Fax: +27 11 412 4007

HR contacts

South Africa:

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Tel: +27 11 411 2030

South East Asia:

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Tel: +61 7 3320 3700