In line with its commitment to the principles of integrated reporting, Harmony has incorporated reporting on its broader social, environmental and economic performance throughout its Integrated annual report.

Harmony does not work in isolation but, rather, is part of a larger community that encompasses our employees, our community members and the countries in which we work. We can only operate effectively by understanding the legitimate expectations of our stakeholders, and how we are able to meet these. We also understand the synergies of these relationships – our stakeholders have as much of an impact on our business as our business has on them. As long as these relationships remain mutually beneficial our business and our stakeholders can thrive, together.

We report our initiatives and efforts in line with the guidelines of the G4 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), please refer to Integrated annual report where the reporting and standards have been linked to the G4 indicators.

The aim of this information is to give all our stakeholders – shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers, regulatory authorities and governments around the world – an informative description of Harmony’s business and operations, their impacts and the sustainable value we create.