Labour practices

Our employees are essential to the conduct of Harmony's business. A stable, engaged, skilled and motivated workforce has an important role to play in the successful achievement of our business objectives.

Meeting the multifaceted needs of our people is an integral part of line management at Harmony's operations, guided by group policies and a central human resources and employee relations function. Given the imperatives in South Africa and in the mining industry to entrench diversity and equal opportunity, our approach to attracting, retaining and developing historically disadvantaged South Africans and women remains a priority. Equally, in PNG, we focus on recruiting landowners and local citizens.


In South Africa in FY17:

  • 92% of our workforce attended training and skills development at a cost of R409 million
  • On target 5% of payroll expenditure on human resource development
  • 19 621 employees trained in personal indebtedness
  • 100% single-room occupancy rate maintained in hostels

In Papua New Guinea in FY17:

  • 50 907 hours of employee training and development

Material issues


Union representation at Harmony’s South African operations (%)

Harmony's union representation

For further information, please see our Integrated annual report 2017.